Vizzy Peak (6220ft) - 11July2021

Vizzy Peak from Hardage Peak

      I proposed the name Vizzy Peak because when standing on the ridge, the Gendarme and summit formed the shape of a V. It made me dizzy and reminded me of a night when I drank a few too many Vizzys. This was the first time I created my own route for a peak, so I wasn't sure if it would go but I saw the North face of this peak driving back from Panorama Mountain, so I had to give it a shot.

West ridge looking at Gendarme and summit.
      The day started crossing the Highway and instantly stepping into a marsh, so much for dry feet. But, of course, I knew I would cross the Chulitna River East Fork, so it wasn't a big deal. What was a big deal was the second I stepped into the marsh, mosquitos sprung out and decided we would be best friends for the next few hours. 

Looking down Valley from the road.

     After a short bushwhack, I arrived at the river crossing, it was moving way faster than I anticipated, and I failed the crossing a few times because it became too deep. I kept moving upstream, losing hope and feeling in my toes. I decided to try one more attempt further up and finally found an OK spot. Still was not a great feeling, and I was not looking forward to crossing on the way back. The good news was my mosquito friends had no issue crossing and stayed with me the entire way up to the rock glacier. 

    The bushwhack was moderate and better than predicted. On the rock glacier, I had a caribou that kept walking closer and closer to me. Seemed very interested in me till it got about five yards away; it finally got spooked by some falling rocks up the valley. I continued about the Valley to the pass to access the western ridge. I only had to drop 200 feet on the back before I could head up and gain the ridge. 

Looking Down the Pass.

  There was a 45-degree scree couloir or a class 4 ledge system I could climb to gain access to the class 2 SW face. I climbed up the ledge system and enjoyed the easy walk to the summit. It was not a challenging climb, but I was delighted at the time because I had never planned a peak with no beta, and I was successful, so I was stoked. I jaunted over to the false summit and gawked at the impressive north face I saw from the road. 

Working the gendarme.

Summit Views.

    On the way down, I descended the couloir on nasty scree, which wasn't much fun; if snow-filled, it would have been amazing. I rejoined the western ridge, then back over the pass and headed out. I saw a rain storm coming in, so I high-tailed to the river crossing because if it started raining, I might not make it across. I made it back across the river and was relieved that I had just had a mellow bushwhack back to the car. 

Looking down Couloir


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