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Mount Dimond East Face of Mount Dimond      Climbing mountains has become a daily tradition at this point. If not in the mountains, I am drawing up ideas for my next objectives. My outlet for fighting depression has become my greatest passion. Being immersed in the Alaska Mountains has given me my purpose. Though you cannot be fully in control in the mountains you can mitigate most of the risks if done right. Before heading out you take in the objective hazards and subjective hazards. Objective hazards are things that are out of control but can be mitigated. For example, rockfall and wet slides you can lower the risk by doing an alpine start where everything is frozen and cool. Subjective hazards are things that are in direct control of your decisions. A big subjective hazard is knowing when to turn around and call off the objective. This could be due to unsafe conditions or a lack of the proper equipment to safely go up and down the mountain. This is one of my favorite parts of being

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