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Vizzy Peak (6220ft) - 11July2021 Vizzy Peak from Hardage Peak       I p roposed the name Vizzy Peak because when standing on the ridge, the Gendarme and summit formed the shape of a V. It made me dizzy and reminded me of a night when I drank a few too many Vizzys. This was the first time I created my own route for a peak, so I wasn't sure if it would go but I saw the North face of this peak driving back from Panorama Mountain, so I had to give it a shot. West ridge looking at Gendarme and summit.         The day started crossing the Highway and instantly stepping into a marsh, so much for dry feet. But, of course, I knew I would cross the Chulitna River East Fork, so it wasn't a big deal. What was a big deal was the second I stepped into the marsh, mosquitos sprung out and decided we would be best friends for the next few hours.  Looking down Valley from the road.      After a short bushwhack, I arrived at the river crossing, it was moving way faster than I anticipated, and I f

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